Dr Claudia XU

  • Chief Commercial Officer of HKSTP

    Dr Claudia XU   徐建

    Dr. Claudia Xu is a leader in the strategic development and commercialisation of technology, with extensive commercial, academic and consulting experience in the Asia Pacific region. She joined HKSTP in 2018 as Chief Commercial Officer to accelerate knowledge transfer and drive innovation to commercialisation. She forges strategic partnerships with key players in mainland China and international markets to attract technology companies, world class research institutes and talent to the park, and builds collaborative networks with universities, industries, professional organisations and technology companies.

    Before joining HKSTP, Dr. Xu was the Director of Technology Transfer Center and Chief Executive Officer of HKUST R and D Corporation Limited at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology responsible for the University’s intellectual property management, patent portfolio development & licensing, academic-industrial collaboration, technology commercialisation and technology startup incubation, management of funding schemes supporting technology transfer and entrepreneurship. Prior to that, she worked for leading consulting firm McKinsey & Company Hong Kong, specialising in energy, chemicals and petrochemicals, and Bechtel Asia Pacific, focusing on the planning and development of large-scale infrastructure projects. Dr. Xu has a Bachelor of Engineering and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, and a Master of Engineering in Energy Technology.