May Networking Dinner "Electronics, Technologies & Energy Efficiency"


 HKETA May Networking Dinner
Friday, 27th May 2016   |   7:15pm - 9:30pm

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7:15 pm  Registration

7:30 pm  Welcome speech by HKETA Chairman Ir Victor Ng and Green Subcom Chairman Mr Eric Chan
7:40 pm  Dinner starts


8:00 pm  Talk 1:  Green Plus Programme for SMEs by by Mr Aldous Leung, Business Marketing & Development Manager, CLP

The GREEN PLUS Programme is a collaborative platform for government departments, Energy Advisory Committee, the four local chambers, various trade associations and SME associations, green groups, contractor associations, professional bodies and academic associations, all commercial and industrial customers as well as non-profit making organisations to share Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EE&C) and technical knowledge. It aims to increase energy saving and environmental protection awareness among customers, and promote energy-efficient and renewable energy application. Also, it enables customers to design energy-efficient solutions that not only save energy costs, but also achieve the environmental protection and a win-win situation.

8:20 pm  Talk 2:  Smart AirCon by Mr Daniel Chun, General Manager, Remotec Technology Ltd

According to EMSD, 34% of the electricity consumed in Hong Kong is due to the use of air conditioning , and what a wonderful world it would be if there is an IoT product being made to lessen the peak demand of electricity, reduce the end-users' electricity bill by up to 10%, reduce the emission of green house gas, and also brings indoor climate comfort and control. The SmartAirCon campaign proposed by Remotec Technology Limited which won the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers' bespoke Smart City IoT Development competition recently intends to be the answer to the problem. This mini talk will deliberate about the needs and how SmartAirCon will come up with a family of IoT products with a vision to create financial, social and environmental impact.  The talk will be presented by Daniel Chun who is the General Manager and EVP of Market Innovations at Remotec Technology Limited who is also an Exco member at HKETA (2016) and a member of Smart City Consortium (2016).

8:40 pm  Talk 3:  Nano Solution for Today’s IoT & Smart Home by Dr Tracy Liu, Director of R&D, Electronic Materials, NAMI

About 90% of total electricity consumption in Hong Kong is contributed by buildings. Through enhancement of building energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions can be effectively reduced. Studies indicate that advanced sensors and controls have the potential to reduce the energy consumption of buildings by 20–30 percent. It is widely accepted that energy-consuming systems such as heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) units in buildings are under-, or poorly, controlled, causing them to waste energy. Buildings could increase their energy efficiency if control systems had access to additional information.  Low-cost thin film wireless sensor can be fabricated by leveraging different advanced printing techniques such as screen printing, roll-to-roll printing manufacturing. This process enables electronics components like circuits, sensors, antennae, and photovoltaic cells and batteries to be printed on flexible plastic substrates (base materials). The nodes can be installed without wires using a peel-and-stick adhesive backing.  In this short talk, we will briefly introduce some wireless sensor technologies, such as printed light sensor which can automatically adjust the window shuttle angle or match the lighting to sunlight, printed position sensor set back HVAC when window is opened, and printed room temperature sensor for minimal power consumption and maximum comfort, and microalgae based building walls for air purification, which have great potential for today’s IoT/smart home applications.

9:00 pm  Dinner and networking
9:15 pm  Upcoming events
9:30 pm  End of the event