JUNE Networking Dinner "The Challenge and Opportunity of Internet of Things & Augmented Reality"


Friday, 24th June 2016   |   7:15pm – 9:30pm
沙田 科學園 科技大道西1號 1樓 囍慶酒樓

More than 50 members and guests attend this Networking Dinner.

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7:15 pm  Registration

7:30 pm  Welcome speech by HKETA Chairman Ir Victor Ng and ICT Subcom Chairman Mr Andrew Ip
7:40 pm  Dinner starts

8:00 pm  Talk 1:  See Through Display Technologies – Opportunities & Challenges
    by Mr Kenny Chan, Senior Manager, Intelligent Devices, ASTRI
See through display technologies are widely applied to wearable, automotive and digital signage applications. Before Google introduced its glasses in 2013, most fancy stuffs in this area we knew are from movies, situation has been changed a lot since Microsoft launched its AR (augment reality) glass - HoloLens and Magic Leap introduced its unique MR (mixed reality) glass and invested by Google and Alibaba valued the company at $1.2bn.   In this presentation, we’re going to discuss see through projection based display technologies in 3 different applications – wearable, automotive and advertisement; including market update, existing technical challenges and their market opportunities. We’d also introduce ASTRI display + sensing technology platform solution from device packaging, projection module design to system integration. 


8:20 pm  Talk 2:  IoT gateway Solution
by Mr Jack Wong, Director, Development, Zetakey Solutions Limited
The solution is an IoT gateway middleware with flexible plugins that enable IoT web application development. The IoT gateway loads an IoT web application from an authorised provider and bridge between IoT hardware and business software. Device vendors can package their unique or generic hardware capability from C/C++ drivers to a JavaScript package with the exposed functionality and identity, security helper functions. Service providers can mix and match different web technologies, leverage modern browser capabilities including security, connectivity, database and user interface and connect to their servers and existing cloud infrastructure. It is a division of labour between low level hardware and business web application. It allows developers to easily build IoT web application. It fosters an open and community-based ecosystems consist of stockholders likes device manufacturers, ICT companies, solutions providers, utility companies and enterprises and end-users.


8:40 pm  Talk 3:  IoT – City Tree, A Telsa in Environmental Space
Mr Sankar VS, Head of IoT & Business Development (JOS (Jardine One Solutions)
JOS has just installed the first of its kind IoT solution in environmental space in Hong Kong outisde Hopewell centre, that not only cleans the air but monitors the environmental readings including PM levels, temperature, moisture, humidity and also capable of extending on to become a WiFi hub to digital marketing tool. Mr. Sankar VS would give us the  background about the solution and the potential of it and at the same time share what does it take to become a IoT project director(s) & project manager(s) or professionals. 


9:00 pm  Dinner and networking

9:15 pm  Upcoming events
9:30 pm  End of the event