Mini Showcase cum AUGUST Networking Dinner


 Mini Showcase cum AUGUST Networking Dinner
Friday, 26th August 2016  6:30pm - 10:00pm
佐敦 彌敦道363-373號 聯邦皇宮大酒樓 4/F

Over 90 members and guests attended this mini-showcase cum networking dinner.  
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The 9 exhibitors of the mini-showcase:

1. Exhibitor : iSolution Technologies Limited
   iST will show the Nano Laundry Detergent Sheet, a revolutionary laundry concept, all rounder and all-in-one laundry needs.
2.Exhibitor : Megabyte Limited
  Myndar will deliver a cloud based – holistic platform tailored for the cold chain industry.  MyndVIZ, it enables real-time temperature tracking of perishables and captures data for analysis.
3. Exhibitor : Blueinno Technology
    The exhibitor will offer innovative demo with fun for STEM Education for kids.
4. Exhibitor : Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI)
    Two solutions will be shown with demo/prototype : the nano Flexible Battery and the nano Quantum Dot LED.

5. Exhibitor : Ackuis Technology Limited
     A winner of ICT Awards and HK  Awards for Industry last year, will present their industrial equipment cloud monitoring system (工業設備雲端監控系統).  The product is a cloud-based production line monitoring system with web UI that equips industries with facilities to gather production data, and perform control actions from a centralized location.  It could monitor tension, temperature, machine performance, quality control, etc. The system enables manufacturers to enhance quality and increase manufacturing throughput. Moreover, the real-time global information provides faster information flow.
6. Exhibitor : TQM Consultants Co. Ltd
     A well established professional consultant for Corporate Strategy, Management System, Process Improvement, Safety Management, Energy Management and Training etc. Will introduce their professional consultancy services in the mini showcase and their topic is TimeQualityMargin ≡  T>Q>M
7. Exhbitor : Remotec Technology Limited
    Remotec will showcase its smart home solutions using cloud-based IR Code library and MCU solution, some end products will be showcased as well.
    1)  Software Development Kit (SDK) for Smart Home products - this SDK is available for sale for HK$500 for HKETA members (our standard price is USD$75).
    2)  End products using Wifi-to-IR and Bluetooth-IR - (brands: Tado, EQL, TP-Link); Tado Smart AC is available for sale for HK$1,200 for HKETA member, standard price is $1,388)

8.  Exhibitor :  TUV Rheinland Hong Kong Ltd
     TUV will offer experience sharing from their engineer in a 3rd party laboratory point of view explaining their work to support their clients in certifying their new products getting into international market.  They will also brining fellow members the update info of international approval requirement incl. Middle east, north America and EU area.

9.  Exhibitor :  Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
HPE will introduce to us thier HPE Hyper Converged 380:  A VM Vending Machine. The world’s best-selling server just got better! An all-in-one virtualization solution that integrates compute, software-defined storage and software defined intelligence.