Networking Dinner co-organised by HKETA & WTIA


Networking Dinner co-organised by HKETA & WTIA
Winning in the IoT Products Market with the Function of Apps

Friday 28th October 2016 
7:15pm – 9:30pm
Federal Palace Restaurant 4/F, 363-373 Nathan Road, Jordan佐敦彌敦道363-373號 聯邦皇宮大酒樓 4/F

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7:15 pm   Registration
7:30 pm  Welcome speech by HKETA Chairman Ir Victor Ng and WTIA Chairman Mr. Kenny Yiu
7:35 pm   Dinner starts


8:00 pm  Talk 1:  Enkindle Your Appetite for the IoT
by Ms Novam Ng, Marketing Director, IngDan/Cogobuy Group
Winning in the IoT Products Market with the function of Apps - You need to combine it with a strong and good looking piece of hardware, right?  After you have your project all set and ready, how can you get the money from and out to the market?  This is we "Ing/Dan" come in, the largest IoT platform in China.


8:20pm    Talk 2: AR Smartglass will Change Users' Habits Worldwide
By Mr Jordan Cheng, CEO, Mad Gaze
A world-class investment bank predicts, the global AR market will reach USD 150 billion by 2020, and will account for up to USD 120 billion. Leading companies in the consumer electronics market is competing for applying AR patents.  MAD Gaze is highly compatible with your daily life. The true power comes from its compatibility with the complete ecosystem, the AR Cloud. With the AR app generated, it frees your hands while recording, navigating, translation, etc.  New era born gradually, as if the smartphone era. Rules changed when AR devices and apps flood the market.

Jordan Cheng developed multi-touched interface when he was studying in CUHK whilst Microsoft was still developing the same technique. This had won him numbers of large IT championship in Hong Kong. He then competed in Mainland and international contests on behalf of Hong Kong and took down the championship and many other awards. After graduation, he nurtured hundreds of app and backend programmer, hunt down dozens of major IT awards, interviewed by press for more than a hundred times.  Jordan is a world-class smartphone specialist, he was invited by NOKIA in 2012 and become Hong Kong’s first and only global developer championship in the NOKIA contest. In the same year, the Hong Kong Computer Society has honoured Jordan as Outstanding Young Person in IT sector for his contribution.  Jordan founded DCES in 2013, developed AR Cloud and MAD Gaze smartglass, devoted to create world’s top ten smartglass brand and its ecosystem.  Under Jordan’s leadership, MAD Gaze has won the overall champion and gold award of the largest IT Innovation contest in Hong Kong, he is known as the father of local smart glasses and the new star in IT industry.


8:40pm    Talk 3:  PETBLE: IoT for Pets
by Dr. NG Man Cheuk, Alfred, CTO of Suga International Holdings Ltd

Nowadays, pets are part of many people’s lives. With hectic schedules, pet owners can easily overlook health problems of their pets, especially when pets cannot verbally tell their owners that they are sick. This motivates us to start the PETBLE project which intends to combine state-of-the-art sensors, IoT and big data technologies to monitor the pets’ health and activities conditions 24 hours a day. First stage of the project involves the development of two devices: an activity tracker and a smart bowl. The former can identify individual pet and determine its activity level, while the latter is a precise electronic scale for monitoring the food intake. The data collected and generated by both devices are first sent to the pet owner's smartphone by the PETBLE app via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and then uploaded by the smartphone to the cloud for data mining and analytics. Using PETBLE, pet owners can view their pet's activities any time through their smartphone, and in case any abnormal condition of their pets is spotted by the system, the owners will instantly receive warning notifications so that prompt actions can be taken for their pets.

Dr. NG Man Cheuk, Alfred, is the chief technology officer of Suga International Holdings Limited. He is responsible for exploring new business opportunities and overseeing Research and Development (R&D) of the Group. Dr. NG holds Bachelor of Engineering (BEng (1st Hon.)) degree in Computing from Imperial College London, Master of Science (S.M.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His research focuses on modular hardware design methodologies that can greatly reduce hardware development time. During his time at MIT, he had collaborated with IBM, Nokia and Qualcomm in various research projects. Prior to joining the Group, Dr. NG worked in a research group at Qualcomm focusing on future Wi-Fi technology in the United States for 3 years.


9:00pm  Dinner and networking

9:15 pm  Upcoming events
9:30 pm  End of the event