APRIL Networking Dinner "Advanced Manufacturing Night"


Friday, April 28, 2017  
Time: 7:15pm - 9:30pm

Venue:  科學園囍慶酒樓 1/F, Core Building, Science Park, Shatin

We had more than 40 members and friends attended the APRIL Networking Dinner on Apr 28.  
Thank you speakers for giving us a insightful night about advanced manufacturing.
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7:00pm  Registation and networking
7:30pm  Welcome speech by HKETA Chairman Ir Victor Ng

7:35pm  Dinner starts



Talk 1:  Cloud Production Information System for Industry 4.0
by Mr Steven Yeung, CEO of CityTone Technology Limited

Speech includes Cloud + AutoID (Barcode + RFID) + IoT Technology, Real-time Product Recording & Material Tracking, Energy consumption & Carbon Footprint of Product (CFP), Automatically Generate Production Reports For ISO Standard, and Integrated with ERP and Surveillance System.


Talk 2:   Industries 4.0 - The Forth Industrial Revolution - Facing the Smart Future!
Mr Raymond Shan, Principal Consultant of Smart Manufacturing & Materials Division, HKPC

     Raymond has more than twenty year of relevant work experience in U.S. multinational companies and local enterprises, where he was served as Quality Assurance Engineer, Product Development Engineer and General Manager, etc. He is currently the Principal Consultant of the Smart Manufacturing and Materials Division of the Hong Kong Productivity Council, leading professional experts and engineers of the Smart Manufacturing and Metallurgy Technology System Unit to provide various advanced materials and manufacturing technology transfer and senior management system consultancy services.

     To implement Industry 4.0 in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, different strategies, degree and speed of application as well as resources allocation should be proposed to different industries according to the varying gap between their current situation and the requirement of Industry 4.0 (i.e. Industry 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0). On the other hand, there is a common misconception about Industry 4.0 that its implementation will require huge investment in automation equipment, hardware, software and new and high technology given the lack of clear understanding of the concepts, technologies, analysis and implementation strategies of Industry 4.0.

     In view of this, the Certified Industry 4.0 Consultancy Team leading by Raymond has developed a comprehensive solution in partnering with Fraunhofer IPT which integrated the essential components of Industry 4.0 in Germany including its definition, digital strategy, key elements, design principles, enabled technologies, application areas, etc., providing enterprises with a set of templates of deployment model and identification tools of Industry 4.0 gradually. This solution can systematically help enterprises to work out a series of Industry 4.0 Pilot Projects and achieve the goal as Innovative Enterprises of Industry 4.0 with minimum investment in hardware equipment and software. Moreover, Degree of Capability for Industry 4.0 of different enterprises will be assessed to develop the Integrated Strategic Development Blueprint for Industry 4.0, in line with the action plan of Made in China 2025, national-wide policy in China.



Talk 3:  Automatic Test Systems for Advanced Manufacturing
by Mr Lawrence Li, Chairman of Concord Technology Limited, Vice Chairman of HKETA Advanced Manufacturing Sub-com 

Speech includes Electronics Technology road map, Automatic Automobiles Electronics testing and Designed for Manufacturing and Test.


9:00pm  Dinner and networking
9:25pm  Upcoming events
9:45pm  End of the event






  Company Name Name Business Nature
1 HKETA salina ng Admin Executive
2 CityTone Technology Mr Steven Yeung IoT Technology
3 HKPC Mr Raymond Shan Information Technology
4 Concord Technology Mr Lawrence Li Advanced Manufacturing
5 A&A Solution (China) Mr Alan Yeung Motor Control Solution
6 AAMA PRD Mr Philip Leung Information Technology
7 Abas Business Mr Gary Yu Software Technology
8 ABC Engineering Mr Franklin Chan Engineering
9 Ackuis Technology Mr George Kui Manufacturing Technology
10 Action Max Mr Peter Tam Retail and Cosmetics
11 Akos Advanced Dr Teresa Law Green Technology
12 BISA Technologies Mr Alfred Lam IOT/RFID solutions
13 BISA Technologies Mr York Hwe IOT/RFID solutions
14 Concord Technology Mr 蕭桂新 Advanced Manufacturing
15 Concord Technology Mr Donny Wong Advanced Manufacturing
16 Coulomb Mrs Rosaline Wong Electronic Manufacturing
17 CW Design Mr Carter Wong Industrial Design
18 Eastelligent Ltd. Ir Cedric Wong LED Lighting
19 Energy Savings Mr Charles Lau Product Development
20 Expeditors HK Mr Joe Hui Logistics
21 Expeditors HK Mr Tony Tse Logistics
22 HKETA Ir Victor Ng HKETA Chairman
23 HKETA Mr Derek Lee HKETA Youth Chairman
24 HKETA Individual Member Mr Hui Yee Kwok Information Technology
25 HKMHDIA Mr Benjamin Chan Medical Device
26 HKMHDIA Mr James Li Medical Device
27 HKT/PCCW Mr Simon Wong Telecom
28 HKT/PCCW Mr Chan Kwok-hing Telecom
29 HKT/PCCW Mr Alex Tsang Telecom
30 Integration-Linkage Mr Myron Kwan Embedded System
31 Integration-Linkage Mr Myron Kwan Embedded System
32 iSolution Technologies Mr Victor Choi Consumer Electronics
33 iSolution Technologies Mr Aaron Chan Consumer Electronics
34 iSolution Technologies Mr Wun Suen Consumer Electronics
35 ITMFG Mr Tom Lee Information Technology
36 JC Group Mr Daniel Fong Leisure Business
37 Leisure Technology Mr Alex Siu Environmental and Security Tech
38 Qualiman Industrial Mr Peter Lau Toys manufacturing
39 Qualiman Industrial Mr Alex Ng Toys manufacturing
40 Ray Electronics Mr Henry Kan Electronic Technology
41 Ray Electronics Mrs Maria Kan Electronic Technology
42 Richcom Technologies Mr Adrian Ho Technical Marketing
43 Seemahk Mr Peter Lo Information Technology
44 Techno Resources Mr K K Hau Technology Development
45 Wah Shing Toys Dr Takao Kubo Product Technology
46 Surface Mount Prof CHAN Kei Biu Information Technology
47 Full Charter Mr Benny Lo Exhibition
48 HK Patent Exchange Dr K K Chan Patent