MAY Networking Dinner "Technology Developments in the "Greater Bay Area"


HKETA-AAMA Joint "Tech Talk" Networking Dinner Series 2017 
Theme:  Technology Developments in the​ "​Greater Bay Area​"​

Date:  Friday, May 26, 2017
Time: 7:00pm registration and networking  |  7:30pm dinner starts  |  9:45pm program end
Venue: Happiness Cuisine, Shop S101-S106, 1/F, Core Building, Science Park, Shatin
More than 50 members and friends from HKETA and AAMA PRD attended the MAY Joint Networking Dinner on May 26, 2017.  
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Pony Ma of Tencent has called for Beijing to offer more policies to encourage better collaboration among Pearl River Delta cities, in order to turn the PRD “Bay Area” into a hub for world-leading technology companies similar to Silicon Valley. He stressed that developing a world-leading tech zone here requires the integration of hardware, software and service and the area has the perfect combination of resources for better synergies to take place.
Meanwhile, Premier Li Keqiang made commitments to visiting HKSAR CE-elect Carrie Lam that the central government will draw up the plans for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater ​Bay Area this year, aiming to increase connectivity between the Mainland and Hong Kong, and to boost the regional economy.
Led by Shenzhen, this "​Greater Bay Area​" has already become a major force in innovations and technology in China. And yet, this evokes many questions.  Which disruptive technologies and disruptive business models will rock the world?  What are the business implications for Hong Kong?  What government policy directions should we watch?  Who will be the winners in this new cycle of disruptive changes?

7:00 pm        Registration and networking
7:30 pm       Welcome speech by HKETA Chairman Ir Victor Ng and AAMA-PRD Chairman Mr Chuck Cheng
7:35 pm        Dinner starts

8:00pm        Talk 1: Is the PRD Replicating the Success of Silicon Valley? 
By Mr Philip Leung
Vice Chairman & Founding President of AAMA Pearl River Delta Chapter;
Managing Partner of Sancus Technology Partners

Over the past half century, hundreds of cities and regions in the world have spent billions of dollars trying to build their version of Silicon Valley. Mr. Leung have worked and lived in some of these cities including Boston, Taipei, Beijing and Singapore - as well as in Silicon Valley itself for 12 years. He returned to Hong Kong 20 years ago and have been committed to the development of economic, technology, trade and investment in the Pearl River Delta. He will offer personal anecdotes and observations on what makes Silicon Valley tick, and prerequisites for similar success in the PRD Greater Bay Area. 
Mr. Philip Leung is an executive and entrepreneur in information technology and international market entry. He is experienced in building technology businesses across geographic regions, particularly US companies entering the China market and vice versa. In 2011, he launched the PRD chapter of AAMA (Asia America MultiTechnology Association, based in Silicon Valley). He is a frequent speaker and thought leader on driving social and economic progress in PRD through innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. He holds an MBA from Harvard University, and a BS (Engineering) from HKU.
Mr. Leung previously served in executive positions at Compaq Computer (Managing Director, East Asia), Silicon Graphics (President, APAC), Chinese Books Cyberstore (CEO), Vtech (CEO, USA), AMD (Founding Manager, Taiwan), and Fenox Venture Capital (Venture Partner). In 2013-2016, he was President of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Prior to that, he served in the Board of Governor at The American Chamber of Commerce where he was Chair of the IT Committee and founding Chair of China Affairs Group.
8:20 pm       Talk 2: Forging a World-class Shenzhen-HK InnoTech Corridor
By Mr Zhang KeKe 
President of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Union For Promoting Science and Technology;
Executive Dean of Shenzhen-HongKong Development Research Institute of SZIER
(PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institute)

Led by Shenzhen, the PRD Greater Bay Area is a showcase of how economic liberalization can work in China. The Delta’s 66 million people - only 5% of China’s population, on 1% of China’s land - accounts for over 10% of the country’s GDP and a quarter of its exports. Once the factory for the world, it has also transformed itself into a leading innovation and technology hub. It is highly beneficial to the PRD economic development if Shenzhen and Hong Kong can join hands and work together. Mr. Zhang will outline programs and plans underway to forge a world-class “Silicon Delta” by leveraging the symbiotic relationship between these two cities.
Mr Zhang graduated from Wuhan University in 1982 and started his career in Shenzhen from 1988, he once served as Deputy Director-General of the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Executive Vice-Chairman of the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Association and has been working closely with several government departments. He is now Mr Zhang is the founder of Alliance for Shenzhen-HongKong Science and Technology Associations, who also hosted and participated a series of plannings and projects such as the project for Shenzhen's information construction, the planning on the building of an innovation Shenzhen and several Five-Year-Plans on science & technology and industry development for some Districts in Shenzhen.
Mr. Zhang has rich experience and broad research achievements in the following areas as Hi-tech Development, Collaboration among Industry, Education & Research, the Construction of a Green, Smart & Eco City, as well as Culture and Creative Industries.
8:40pm        Talk 3: Regional Economic Development of the Pearl River Delta
By Dr. Stephen Cheung
Vice President – Science & Technology of Secured Environment   

McKinsey Global Institute opined in 2007 that China’s concentrated population could be drawn as 22 city clusters.  World trends such as urbanization and rise of middle class are most apparent in Asia, particularly in China.  The Pearl River Delta (PRD) with population around 60 million (as high as 70 million when migrants are included) and high per capita income, can become a regional economic powerhouse.  Regional economic development of the PRD could be a model for China’s city clusters.  Models and ideas will be presented.
Dr. Stephen W. Cheung received his degrees in the US.  He began as a research scientist on a NASA program at Stanford University. He then joined Varian Medical Systems as senior engineer and manager working on radiation therapy systems--using X-rays to treat cancers.  From 2007 and 2013, he was Director of Microwave Systems at Accuray Inc., a Silicon Valley company with two special X-rays systems for radiation therapy.  He was principal investigator of special projects awarded to Accuray by the Dept of Homeland Security to develop advanced X-ray systems for cargo security. In 2013, he received a national award for successful development and commercialization of the new systems. He has 4 US patents and is author of two books in microwave technology.
Dr. Cheung worked in Hong Kong from 1994 to 2005. He was general manager of the Electronics Division at the Hong Kong Productivity Council in the 1990s and then VP of a consumer electronics manufacturer.
He is currently consultant for the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park working in the US.  He also mentors several young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong.

9:00PM  Members Updates

HKETA is proud to congratulate our Corporate Member NAMI R&D Centre on their outstanding achievements in the 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2017 with winning of 9 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal! Representatives from NAMI will share with us on their winning solutions as well as presenting some new nano solutions for collaboration.
9:15pm    Dinner and networking
9:45 pm   End of the event
  Company Name Name Business Nature
1 HKETA salina ng Admin Executive
2 AAMA PRD Mr Philip Leung Information Technology
3 深港科技合作促進會 Mr Zhang Keke Information Technology
4 Science & Technology of Secured Environment Dr Stephen Cheung Technology Development
5 HKETA Ir Victor Ng HKETA Chairman
6 Advanced Materials Enterprises Dr Yeung Wing Yiu Advanced Materials
7 Integration-Linkage Mr Myron Kwan Embedded System
8 Appotech Mr Chuck Cheng IC Design
9 Appotech Mrs Mabel Cheng IC Technology Industry
10 Appotech Mr Arthur Cheng IC Technology Industry
11 Appotech Mr H K Cheng IC Technology Industry
12 Appotech Mrs Cheng IC Technology Industry
13 Appotech Mr Raymond Tam IC Technology Industry
14 Appotech Mr Arthur Cheung IC Technology Industry
15 Appotech Mr Eric Lam IC Technology Industry
16 Appotech Mr Adrian Ho IC Technology Industry
17 Appotech Mr Ricardo Lee IC Technology Industry
18 Appotech Mr Y K Li IC Technology Industry
19 Appotech Guest of AppoTech IC Technology Industry
20 AAMA PRD Mr Larry Yee Association
21 AAMA PRD Mr Charles Cheng High-tech
22 AAMA PRD Mr S C Mak Information Technology
23 AAMA PRD Mr Jonathan Mak Information Technology
24 AAMA PRD Mr Irving Luk Information Technology
25 AAMA PRD Ms Alice Luk Information Technology
26 AAMA PRD Ms Doris Luk Information Technology
27 AAMA PRD Ms Farida Lau Information Technology
28 AAMA PRD Ms Rosa Leung Information Technology
29 AAMA PRD Mr Ben Leung Information Technology
30 Energy Savings Mr Charles Lau Product Development
31 iSolution Technologies Mr Victor Choi Consumer Electronics
32 Zetakey Solutions Mr Jack Wong Embedded Software
33 Akos Advanced Dr Teresa Law Green Technology
34 Blueinno Technology Ms Monica Leung Technology Education
35 Remotec Technology Mr Daniel Chun Technology Development
36 HKETA Individual Member Mr Hui Yee Kwok Information Technology
37 HongFa Electroacoustic Mr Tom Siu Relay and Electrical manufacturing
38 Cwlinux Mr Andrew Ip Embedded systems and software
39 ABC Engineering Mr Franklin Chan Engineering
40 Ackuis Technology Mr George Kui Manufacturing Technology
41 Micom Tech Mr Manuel Kwong Embedded System
42 Mega Link Mr Vincent Lam IoT R&D
43 NAMI Ms Sarina Lau R&D
44 NAMI Dr Shengbo Lu R&D
45 NAMI Dr Eric Kwok R&D
46 East West Bank Mr Jckey Hau Banking
47 Techno Resources Mr K K Hau Technology Development
48 iSolution Technologies Mr Wun Suen Consumer Electronics
49 ASTRI / HKETA Hon. Advisor Dr Meikei IEONG Research & Development
50 Full Charter Mr Benny Lo Exhibition
51 HK Patent Exchange Dr K K Chan Patent
52 Stork Logistics Mr Simon Chan Trading
53 Amway HK Mr HK Ben Product Development
54 Nexoft Trechnology Mr Eric Poon Information Technology
55 Dmondo Mr Samson Yu Design