Mini Showcase cum AUG Networking dinner


Mini Showcase cum AUGUST Networking Dinner

Members are welcome to stage and exhibit your latest technology, product, service or concepts in the mini showcase.
Exhibitors MUST be our HKETA member.  Priority will be given to Corporate Members.

Exhibitors are required to buy 4 dinner seats to entitle to have one booth.  There are a total number of 8 booths available.  Each exhibitor will have a 5 minute for presentation during the dinner.

Booths are limited and reserve on the first come first serve base.  Hurry up and don't miss this good deal ~ enrol now before its too late!

Date:  August 25, 2017 (Friday)


5:45pm booth setup for exhibitors

6:15pm Showcase starts

7:15pm registration + networking + showcase

7:30pm  program + dinner  |  10:00pm end of the event
Venue:  4/F, Federal Palace Restaurant, 363-373 Nathan Road, Jordan



Online discount on/before 6:00pm on Aug 24:  

CLICK HERE for member rate HK$280;  CLICK HERE for non-member rate HK$330.

Pay by cash onsite:  

Member rate HK$300;  Non-member rate HK$350.


CLICK HERE for online registration


Program includes:

5:45pm  Setup booth by exhibitors

6:15pm:  Showcase starts

7:15pm:  Registration + networking + showcase

7:30pm:  Welcome speech by Ir Victor Ng, Chairman of HKETA and Mr Victor Choi, Membership Sub-com Chairman of HKETA

7:35pm:  Dinner starts

8:00pm  Presentation by each booth representative

9:30pm  Showcase (2nd session) and networking

10:00pm  Program end



  Company Name Name Business Nature Booth Showcase Product
1 000 HKETA salina ng Admin Executive    
2 HKETA Ir Victor Ng HKETA Chairman    
3 iSolution Technologies Mr Victor Choi Consumer Electronics    
4 Micom Tech Mr Manuel Kwong Embedded System Booth 1 Companion Solutions of Amazon Echo
5 Micom Tech Mr Andrew Fung Embedded System    
6 Micom Tech Mr Raymond Lau Embedded System    
7 Micom Tech Mr Jack Ngan Embedded System    
8 Micom Tech Mr Raymond Man Embedded System    
9 Green Breeze Dr Teresa Law Green Technology Booth 2 The Perfect Particulates Purification - PPP
10 Green Breeze Mr James Lam Green Technology    
11 Green Breeze Ms Elaine Tsui Green Technology    
12 Green Breeze Mr Michael Yu Green Technology    
13 Megabyte Dr Matthew Man IoT R&D Booth 3 MyndVIZ IoT Cold Chain Visibility Platform & Solution
14 Megabyte Mr Chirs Yu IoT R&D    
15 Megabyte Mr C Y Choi IoT R&D    
16 Megabyte Mr Jason Lin IoT R&D    
17 Remotec Technology Mr Daniel Chun Technology Development Booth 4 Smart AirCon
18 Remotec Technology Mr Matthew Wong Technology Development    
19 Remotec Technology Mr Matthew Tse Technology Development    
20 TesTime Mr Eleph Kwong Technology Development    
21 BBPOS Mr Ben Lo Fin-tech Booth 5 WisePOS
22 BBPOS Mr Damien Chow Fin-tech    
23 BBPOS Mr Jimmy Tang Fin-tech    
24 BBPOS Mr Matt Ng Fin-tech    
25 Sanwa Technologies Mr William Yim Technologies    
26 Sanwa Technologies Mrs Bebe Yim Technologies    
27 Sanwa Technologies Mr Alaric Yim Technologies    
28 HongFa Electroacoustic Mr Vincent Yiu Electrical manufacturing Booth 6 繼電器+低壓產品
29 HongFa Electroacoustic Mr Raymond Wong Electrical manufacturing    
30 HongFa Electroacoustic Mr Peter Wong Electrical manufacturing    
31 HongFa Electroacoustic Ms Cherry Cheng Electrical manufacturing    
32 Full Charter Mr Benny Lo Exhibition Booth 7 Exhibition Service
33 Full Charter Colleague of FullCharter Exhibition    
34 Full Charter Colleague of FullCharter Exhibition    
35 Full Charter Colleague of FullCharter Exhibition    
36 M800 Mr Steven Yap ICT / Telecom Booth 8 liveConnect, powered by M800
37 M800 Mr Dino Civitarese ICT / Telecom    
38 M800 Mr Ben Quah ICT / Telecom    
39 M800 Mr Jayden Ong ICT / Telecom    
40 Armitage Technologies Mr Alvin Lee Information Technology    
41 A&A Solution (China) Mr Alan Yeung Industrial Automation    
42 Energy Savings Mr Charles Lau Product Development    
43 Legislative Councillor Mr Charles Mok, JP Information Technology    
44 Integration-Linkage Mr Myron Kwan Embedded System    
45 IVE Mr MA Wai Chun Information Security & Networking    
46 IVE Mr OR Yiu Kwan Information Security & Networking    
47 Techno Resources Mr K K Hau Technology Development    
48 Deepsky Corp Mr Antoine Doublet IC Design and Manufacturing Booth 9 Deepsky LED screen VEGA
49 Deepsky Corp Mrs Hanping Wu IC Design and Manufacturing    
50 Deepsky Corp Mr Josh Cheng IC Design and Manufacturing    
51 Deepsky Corp Mr Alfred Tse IC Design and Manufacturing    
52 Midland IC&I Mr Danny Ng Property    
53 Cell Technology Mr Derek Lee Network & Security Technology    
54 ABC Engineering Mr Franklin Chan Engineering    
55 ABC Engineering Mr Sam Ho Engineering    
56 Group Sense Mr Rickie Chow Electronics Manufacturing    
57 iSolution Technologies Mr Wun Suen Consumer Electronics    
58 iSolution Technologies Mr Kemen Lai Consumer Electronics    
59 Concord Technology Mr Lawrence Li Advanced Manufacturing    
60 HKPC Mr Derek Poon Training    
  Booth 1: Micom Tech - Companion Solutions of Amazon Echo: According to the market reports, there are already over 10M Echo devices sold for households! More will be expected in the future. It will give remarkable market opportunity for smart product developers on adding smart voice commands to their products making use of Echo.
Micom has developed a platform solution accordingly. With it, our clients can create new products or converting existing products into smart devices with Apps and voice commands through Amazon Web Service (free for the end users!). The new products will also be an IoT device as well, working with iOS and Android via internet. Unlimited features can be added through Apps and internet (Cloud, big data etc).
  Booth 2: Green Breeze - The Perfect Particulates Purification - PPP: Green Breeze dedicates to environmental and health caring technology, aiming to improve health and living of the public society. PPP air purification system is one of the products provide by Green Breeze, which embedded with the leading patented technology to improve indoor air quality. PPP – Perfect Particulates Purification - provides complete and cost-effective solutions for improving the living environment by reduce the airborne contaminates such as Particulates Matters, Airborne Bacteria, Virus, Mould, Allergen, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Total Volatile Organic Compounds.
  Booth 3: Myndar - MyndVIZ is an ICT award winning IoT solution designed for temperature controlled products to enhance food safety and drug safety. MyndVIZ provides real-time temperature monitoring at item level from end to end, locally and globally. Megasoft Limited’s innovation IoT technology provides a total solution to the Cold Chain Logistics Industry, including the IoT devices such as mPulzer (wireless temperature logger), mAntenna (wireless receiver) and mAnchor (wireless intelligence server) to serve different need within the entire temperature controlled supply chain, even at homes and hospitals. The platform provides real-time monitoring and instant alerts to alarm any abnormal temperature changes. The historical temperature data at item level are retained under the MyndVIZ platform for up to 4 years for tracking and traceability.
  Booth 4: Remotec Technology - SmartAirCon is an award winning indoor climate control solution that combines the use of a spare smartphone or tablet, a BLE-to-IR extender and an App. Using an App, it allows users to easily program and control legacy-IR controlled appliances such as air conditioners, fans, dehumidifiers or air purifiers. With smart features like Offsite control and profile scheduling, SmartAirCon is designed to provide “comfort, convenience & control” for it users and reduce energy consumption in air conditioning. Suitable for all households, offices, storage and retails.
SmartAirCon是Remotec開發的智能家居產品,為提倡智慧用電而設計,是一套適合家居、辦公室、零售及倉庫的智能溫度控制方案。用家只需要下載SmartAirCon App到智能手機或平板電腦,再以藍牙連接SmartAirCon裝置,就能用手機控制及編排家中的紅外遙控冷氣和風扇。為用節能省電同時,帶來舒適、方便及全面控制。
  Booth 5: BBPOS - WisePOS: WisePOS™ is an Android based all in one mPOS device which improves mobility by integrating everything you need into a single device. Streamlining your mobile sales and reducing complexity, it’s ideal for restaurant, delivery and anywhere you need mobility.
WisePOS™ is an easily hand held all-in-one mPOS device and integrates magstripe, EMV, and NFC card readers, a barcode scanner and a 5 megapixel camera. The Android platform allows superior flexibility to develop customized applications and support an integrated mPOS platform. This is the ultimate Android mPOS mobility solution.
  Booth 6: Hongfa - 繼電器+低壓產品: Hongfa is one of the major relay manufacturers and suppliers in the world. We are the leading enterprise in Chinese relay industry. Our flagship product is relay, with an annual production capacity of 1.5 billion pieces. Other products include low-voltage devices, switchgears, high-precision components and automated equipment.
  Booth 7: Full Charter - Exhibition Service: details to be provided
  Booth 8: M800 - liveConnect is an integrated customer success solution which aims to assist your business in customer service and sales communication.
Main features and benefits of liveConnect:
1. Allow customers to call, text, and send files to your agents directly. They can contact you through your company's website or toll-free line.
2. Allow agents to respond to both text and calls through a single, easy-to-use platform that is accessible through the web.
3. High quality and always-on service by running through M800 globally distributed network infrastructure.
4. CRM enabled by having a full-fledge dashboard analytics.
  Booth 9: Deepsky - LED screens: Deepsky is revolutionizing the booming market of Large Format Professional Display with a new generation of LED screens. These large digital displays are seamless, with sub-millimeter pixel pitch, tremendous contrast and high brightness capabilities, empowering clients to digitize even the most demanding of environments. Deepsky screens are based on an innovative approach to LED technology, and are ideal for indoor and outdoor environments in retail, malls, airports, metro and subway stations, DOOH advertising, street furniture, control rooms, TV studio broadcast, hotels, casino, convention & exhibition centers and museums. Deepsky designs and builds its products and manufacturing equipment in Hong Kong.