Visit to NAMI R&D Centre


Vist to NAMI









Time                        Item

2:15 – 2:25              Welcome by HKETA

                                Welcome by NAMI


2:25 – 3:50              NAMI briefs and NAMI Technology briefs

                                -    Electronics

                                     1.   eMuscle
                                           NAMI’s smart auto fitting materials with shape memory effect.
                                     2.   Flexible Temperature Sensor Array
                                           Si-based Temperature Sensor array
                                     3.   Chromic Display
                                           Smart Reactive Color Changing Materials – mechanochromism,
                                           photochromism, thermochromism and photoluminescence.
                                     4.   Electronic Packaging Materials for high reliability
                                           (for IC and board level)

                                -    Energy
                                     1.   Smart Protection Materials
                                           NAMI’s Energy Absorption Materials for Smart Protection
                                     2.   Nanogenerator
                                           NAMI’s flexible Nanogenerator for force sensing and energy
                                     3.   Nanospronge
                                           NAMI’s Nanospronge materials for insulation solutions

                                -    Healthcare
                                      1.   A taste of Healthcare at NAMI

                                -    Environment
                                     1.   Composite materials for 3C products in SG applications
                                     2.   Biodegradable materials for packaging and other applications

          Industry Sharing and discussion


3:50 – 4:30              NAMI Laboratory Visit

          Group Photo



  Name Company Name
1 Mr Victor Choi Chairman
2 Dr Teresa Law Akos Advanced
3 Ir Victor Ng Honorary Chairman
4 Mr Lawrence Li Concord Technology Limited
5 Mr Manuel Kwong Micom Tech Limited
6 Mr Stapler Li MiniLogic Device
7 Mr Benny Lo Full Charter
8 Mr Wun Suen iSolution Technologies Limited
9 Mr Danny LAU Contex Digital
10 Mr Frank Cheung iSolution Technologies Limited
11 Mr Myron Kwan Integration-Linkage Technology Ltd.
12 Mr K K Hau HKETA Committee Member
13 Mr Franklin Chan ABC Engineering
14 Mr Sam Ho ABC Engineering
15 Mr Philip Chan BISA Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited
16 Mr George Kui Ackuis Technology Limited
17 Dr Alfred Ng Suga Int'l Holdings Ltd
18 Mr HK CHAN Musical
19 Mr Andy CHENG Musical
20 Mr Richard Leung Musical
21 Dr CC CHEUNG Aviton
22 Dr Leung CHIU Aviton
23 Mr Mercury Mui Wiseally
24 Mr Willie Cheng Xjy Immigration
25 Ms Veronica Fung Hong Kong Travelbox Ltd
26 Dr K K Chan Hong Kong Patent Exchange Ltd
27 Ms Alice Wong Sun Life Hong Kong