Think Green, Go Sustainable - Innovative Technology Networking Seminar (Supporting Event of HKETA)


Soft-landing Series: Think Green, Go Sustainable - Innovative Technology Networking Seminar

Organized by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

Tuesday, 16 September 2014 (Hong Kong) & Wednesday, 17 September 2014 (Shenzhen)


About the Seminar

Researchers from around the world are gathered at the upcoming seminar to give presentation on a range of prominent technology that will help us move forward to a more sustainable future. This event is exemplary for all industry players, investors, and academia. It includes a series of innovative technology seminars and one-on-one match-making session.


Topics & Speakers

Electric Springs (Prof. Ron Hui, The University of Hong Kong; Dr. Lamia Baker, Imperial College London)

anywhere HPLC (Dr. Duncan Casey, Imperial College London)

Pulse-Compression Ultrasonic Technique for Non Destructive Testing Inspection of Forged Steel with High Attenuation (Dr. Marco Ricci, University of Perugia)

Solar Pyrolysis with the Linear Mirror II (Dr. Hans Grassmann, Isomorph srl)

SCER – The Italian Acronym for Development of a New Renewable-Energy Conditioning System for Commercial Buildings (Dr. Elisa Moretti, CIRIAF Interuniversity Research Center)

Flexiplanar Fuel Cell (Prof. Anthony Kucernak, Imperial College London)


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