Advanced Micro-Sensor & Components Manufacruring & Application Technologies (HKETA supporting event)


Sensors act as critical components of many high-value products. With the growing demand of the miniaturized and high-value added electronic, electrical, automotive and medical devices, the market of micro-sensors has been increased rapidly in recent years. Based on the MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) technology, a diverse range of high-precision micro-sensors can be developed with attractive benefits including the ability to add features or enhance performance at lower cost, weight and size. Most of the manufacturers in Hong Kong and Pearl Delta Region started adopting different types of MEMS sensors and components in their high-value added products. However, they have been suffering from challenges in design flexibility when integrating various sensors into their own product designs. Therefore, it is necessary for local manufacturers to establish ways of acquiring the relevant MEMS technology so as to reduce the costs of productions and to exploit various opportunities to expand the potential product ranges. With the support from the Singapore government, a sustainable MEMS supply chain, from design to prototyping, has been built up in Singapore. Research institutes and R&D foundry have been established in Singapore with excellent research infrastructure for developing many novel sensor devices based on MEMS and nanotechnology. 




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