1 3DP Technology Ltd Corporate www.3dptechgroup.com
2 Ackuis Technology Limited Corporate http://hk.ackuis.com/
3 Advanced Materials Enterprises Co Ltd Corporate  
4 Agile8 Consulting Limited Corporate http://www.agile8consulting.com/
5 Appotech Limited Corporate www.appotech.com
6 Asia Bright Industrial (HK) Co Ltd Corporate www.asiabright.com
7 A&A Solution ( China) Ltd Corporate  
8 Barron & Young Intellectual Property Corporate  
9 BBPOS Limited Corporate www.bbpos.com
10 BISA Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd Corporate www.bisa.com.hk
11 Blueinno Technology Corporate www.blueinnotechnology.com
12 Boca International Ltd Corporate www.pcm-tes.com
13 Cell Technology Limited Corporate www.cell-technology.net
14 CM Computer Advertising Design Co Corporate www.cmd-adv.com
15 CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories Corporate http://www.cmatcl.com
16 Co-operatives of Innovative Intellectuals Limited Corporate www.innovate-coop.org
17 Cree Hong Kong Limited Corporate www.cree.com
18 Deepsky Corporation Limited Corporate www.deepskycorp.com
19 Department of Engineering, IVE (Shatin) Corporate http://st-eng.vtc.edu.hk/
20 El Arte del Vino Corporate  
21 eSpot Lighting Limited Corporate www.espotlighting.com.hk
22 Full Charter Limited Corporate www.fullcharter.com.hk
23 Global Mile Limited Corporate www.globalmileltd.com
24 Global Sources Corporate http://www.globalsources.com/
25 Goodwill Medical Imaging Ltd Corporate  
26 Green Breeze Ltd Corporate  
27 Group Sense Limited Corporate www.gsl.com.hk
28 HK Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd. (ASTRI) Corporate www.astri.org
29 HKT Limited Corporate www.hkt.com
30 Hong Kong X'Tals Limited Corporate http://www.hongkongcrystal.com
31 Hong Kong Patent Exchange Ltd Corporate  
32 Hong Kong Productivity Council - Automotive Parts and Accessory Systems R&D Cetnre Corporate www.hkpc.org
33 Hong Kong Ubiquitious Intelligent Technology Co Ltd Corporate  
34 Hongfa Electroacoustic (HK) Co Ltd Corporate www.hongfa.com
35 iMusicTech Limited Corporate www.imusictech.com
36 IngDan.com Limited Corporate www.cogobuy.com
37 Jupiter Electric Vehicle Industries Ltd Corporate  
38 Justin Material Supplies & Trading Co Ltd Corporate www.jmst.com.hk
39 Kingsford Far East Ltd Corporate www.kingsfordfe.com
40 LEDHOME Limited Corporate  
41 Lomak Industrial Co. Ltd Corporate http://www.lomak.com
42 Longhill Industries Corporate http://www.longhill-ind.com/
43 LSCM (HK R&D Centre for LSCM) Corporate http://www.lscm.hk/eng/
44 M800 Limited Corporate https://www.m800.com
45 Medisen Limited Corporate www.medisen.com.hk
46 Mega Link Technology Limited Corporate http://www.megalink.hk/
47 Megabyte Limited Corporate http://www.myndar.com/
48 Microsoft Hong Kong Limited Corporate www.microsoft.com
49 MiniLogic Device Corporation Ltd Corporate www.minilogic.com.hk
50 Mobicon Holdings Limited Corporate http://www.mobicon.com
51 Musical Electronics Limited Corporate http://www.musical.com.hk/
52 NAMI (Nano & Advanced Materials Institute Ltd) Corporate www.nami.org.hk
53 Niron Mobile Limited Corporate www.nirons.com
54 One Healthy Life Company Corporate www.hk.shop.com/ohl
55 Onion Creative Limited Corporate www.onioncreative.com
56 Pro-Act Training & Development Centre (Electronics) Corporate http://www.proact.edu.hk
57 Protect Locksmith & Engineering Co Ltd Corporate http://www.protectlocksmith.com.hk
58 Qualiman Industrial Co. Ltd Corporate http://www.qualiman.com.hk/
59 REC Green Technologies Co Ltd Corporate www.rec-gt.com
60 Refined Industry Co Ltd Corporate www.refined-ind.com
61 Ricardo Lee & Associates Law Office Corporate  
62 Rohde & Schwarz Hong Kong Ltd Corporate https://www.rohde-schwarz.com
63 Sino-Pro Limited Corporate  
64 Sanwa BioTech Limited Corporate www.sanwabiotech.com
65 Suffice Industrial Technology Ltd Corporate www.suffice-group.com
66 Techno Resources HK Corporate  
67 TUV Rheinland Hong Kong Ltd Corporate http://www.tuv.com
68 Universal Intellectual Property Ltd Corporate  
69 Vitelic Technology (International) Limited Corporate  
70 Wah Shing Toys Co Ltd Corporate www.wahshing.com
71 Well Being Digital Limited Corporate www.wbd101.com
72 Winshine International Technology Co Ltd Corporate  
73 Wise Ally Holdings Ltd Corporate www.grpdfond.com
74 Xdynamics Limited Corporate www.xdynamics.com
75 Xinlei (HK) Electronics Co Corporate  
76 Zetakey Solutions Limited Corporate www.zetakey.com