Congratulations to Our Youth Member and her Startup, Blueinno Technology Featured in HKET


Our Youth Member, Ms Monica Leung and her technology education startup, Blueinno Technology, who is also our corporate member in HKETA, launched her kid technology program recently into the market.  Her program is well recognized by the market and also was featured in Hong Kong Economics Times (HKET) on 29th June 2016.  

The mission of her startup is to promote invention and innovation in Hong Kong as well as to Asia Pacific, inspire kids on the spirit of invention, and be positive towards tomorrow’s innovation economy.  

Her kid technology development program, with the art of state in the coding curriculum, is specially designed for inventing and inspiring kids to explore today’s technology and science through the skill-sets of Electronics, Coding, Robotics and Design thinking methodology.  It is more important for the kids to visualize the technology concept easily and empower their mind for imagination and creation.   They may naturally come out of something with “strong and positive” in their mind through the class.


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